Edge Design Talks #3

Data si locatia

ultimul eveniment a fost pe 16 feb 2018
momentan nu sunt programate alte evenimente

The Function of Beauty

Edge Design Talks is the first conference in Cluj-Napoca, dedicated to Graphic, Digital, UI and UX Design and it is already at its 3rd edition.

This year you will see new kinds of events and a range of international speakers that will discuss topics ranging from AR and VR experiences to digital design and UX. We have invited some of the best design studios from all over Europe, so you’ll get the chance to hear and learn from awesome designers from Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence and Vienna.

Concerts, parties and interactive experiences will complete our #3 Edition.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.

* The conference’s official language is English.
* The conference ticket allows access to all talks, keynote presentations, parties and concerts (restrictions may apply due to limited number of seats - keep an eye on the events website and facebook page). The conference ticket does not allow access to workshop or private events.
* Workshop tickets are valid only with a valid conference ticket. Workshop tickets cannot be used separately from a unique conference ticket.

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