Bilete la Electric Castle

Data si locatia

14-18 iul 2021
Electric Castle - 14

Bontida, Castelul Banffy


de la 549,00 RON

Adauga En Garde la bilet
Si banii se intorc la tine daca nu ajungi la eveniment. Afla mai multe aici.

Answers to your questions

What are the dates for Electric Castle 2021?

14-18 July 2021.

What will happen with artists confirmed up to this point?

Our objective is to keep the exact same line-up and to reconfirm all artists for 2021. Changes are however possible according to artists’ tour dates.

Why can’t EC be organized in autumn?

This was one of the options on our table. But Electric Castle is an event that we prepare in the smallest detail in the span of a year, which means that organizing it this autumn would have meant delivering an edition far below our high standards, with no guarantee whatsoever that the dates chosen for 2020 could be respected.

What happens to my ticket?

Your ticket will still be valid for EC8, in 2021.

What happens to accommodation?

Accommodation is also valid for EC8, in 2021.

What happens to my ticket if I can’t make it to Electric Castle 2021?

Starting 10 June, you can convert your ticket to vouchers, valid on You can use the voucher on to buy tickets, accommodation or merchandise. You can request vouchers until 10 July 2020. Subsequently, they will be valid until 30 September 2021. If you don’t use your voucher until 30 September 2021, you will be entitled to ask for a refund until 31 December 2021.

How can I get my money back?

You can sell your ticket on the EC exchange platform. The exchange platform will not charge any data changing fees until 31 December 2020. Another option is to convert your order into vouchers until 10 July 2020. Upon expiry of the validity of your vouchers (30 September 2021) and provided that they have not been used, you can ask for a refund until 31 December 2021.

Why can’t you simply return the money for my order?

As you well know, EC is an event that we organize all year round and which requires a lot of planning ahead. Many third parties are involved in the organization of EC: artists, production companies, advertising agencies, etc. At this point, all the arrangements with contractors have been completed 100%, and all advance and final payments have been made. A full refund would involve a meltdown for the entire industry, and for this reason, in agreement with the Romanian authorities, compliant to Order no. 70 of 14 May 2020, Art. 32, we have come up with this voucher system and the option of requesting a refund upon expiry of vouchers (30 September 2021).

I have a free pass for EC8. Is it still valid? Can I sell it on the platform?

Yes, it is still valid. No, you cannot offer it to someone else.

Can I still buy tickets to EC8?

Yes, you can purchase tickets on

What is a voucher and how does it work?

Between 10 June and 10 July 2020, if you no longer wish to use the tickets and/or camping options in 2021, you can choose to convert your purchases to equivalent vouchers, on You can then use the voucher until 31 September 2021 to purchase tickets, accommodation and/or merchandise products on

How can you get a voucher?

In your account at, you will have the option to convert your order to a voucher, from 10 June until 10 July 2020. Vouchers can be automatically used for your future orders on

Can I offer the voucher to someone else?

The voucher is not transferable to other accounts and can only be used in the account used to place the order.

I bought tickets to several friends. How can they use the voucher?

The voucher can only be used in your account, since it is not transferable between accounts.

When you submit a new order, the amount from your voucher will be automatically applied to said order. If the order is larger than the voucher, you will be required to pay the difference. If the order is smaller, you will receive the difference back as a new voucher.

You can purchase tickets for your friends directly from your account.

Can I sell the voucher?

No. The voucher can only be used for orders on

What happens if the voucher expires and I don’t use it?

If this happens, you may apply for a compensation, and the money will be refunded to you by 31 December 2021. We will announce all the details after 31 September 2021.

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