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ultimul eveniment a fost pe 14 iul 2019
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El Cartel: Edition [Los Infiltrados]
14th July Funky Lounge Herastrau
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El Cartel brings to Romania ⌇ Los Infiltrados ⌇

Edition on the 14th of July 2019 at Funky Lounge Herastrau starting at 6pm with crazy rhythms until 00:00 with the great event plating from DJ Osshado.

This said, let’s do the details so you get the best you can out of Kizomba Lounge. Summer is hot so we need a move on next to the lake. Nevertheless, Funky Lounge makes an amazing location for all the Kizomba players and also you, the party lover. Once you hit Kizomba, you’ll never stop moving your hips, your summer mood and your partner. Everyone will mingle with everyone so you will become Infiltrado once you are at this party.
Half his life in Cuba, then half his life in Spain, DJ Osshado comes from Barcelona with smart ears and technique great breaking the day party with:

18:00 – Kizomba&Semba
19.00 – Traditional Ghettozouk
20:00 – Modern Kizomba
20:30 – Special Gig & Raffle
21.00 – Urbankiz Tarraxa
22:00 – Urbankiz&Tarraxina
23:00 – Douceur / 00:00
Closing Afro House

The double dutch on this schedule is DJ Paul B from Cluj, spending the night with us back to back with DJ Osshado.
The pricing is 70 ron per ticket which will include a 20 ron Funky voucher for the selected drinks at the bar. You will have a Kizomba Raffle, with your ticket you get a number. If your number is displayed in Kizomba Lounge, you will win double Festival Entrance.
We invite you to take part of our Instagram Give Away, if you post a video of yourself dancing with a rookie, a person who never danced Kizomba, you will have a chance to win our Prize Box and free tickets to Kizomba Lounge.
In between 20:30 and 21:30 we throw Shot Shouts at the bar at special pricing only for half an hour. Besides that, watch out for the great dancers that mingle in the crowd to make everyone dance. Be here, be present and you will leave totally satisfied. See you on 14.07 to get this going.

Dress Code: Crazy Elegant, Excellence, Burning Man Festival
Important Information: The price display upon purchase is without taxes and beverage voucher. That’s why you will pay the processing cost at the check out of your purchase.

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