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This year’s edition is based on shifting the way we think and the way we live our lives, the symbiosis between the way we used to be and the way we are now. Technology is halfway between.

Step by step, we began to rebuild our existence, to learn how to live both physically and remotely with our dear ones, to work from our kitchen, to visit museums while sitting on our couch, and to see our doctor through a screen.

The common denominator of all these changes is defined by three dimensions: innovation, digitization and technology, and they all wear the robe of what we call today "The Paradigm Shift".


In an ever-changing digital landscape, there is something that is constant in any growth strategy and that is INNOVATION. In other words, that special ability to continually reinvent yourself, your product or service, in order to remain relevant and also to be sustainable, businesslike and profitable.

From Generative AI, innovative product design, hyper-automation to autonomous vehicles and The Internet of CloThes, at Innovation Summit you can see them all.

As Steve Job once said, ”innovation is the only way to win.” 

Innovation Summit Time Schedule

It is on everyone's lips. Over and about that, there are businesses who are getting ready for the new Internet, already filling their trademarks and buying virtual lands as part of metaverse experience bid. Well, it was only about time to talk about this huge step in the way things are working on the Internet these days.

What are the challenges, are we talking about a new economy as well and what is sensory advertising? These and many more at METAVERSE Summit at Bucharest Tech Week.

Metaverse Summit Time Schedule

The balance of trading has been with us forever. Now it is all about a new economy due to the rapid, almost disruptive, growth of technology. Retail today means innovation & solving at the power of now.
Customers are no longer searching for products, they seek experiences.

The Retail Summit sets the stage for what retail is bound to become –  a dimension of its own in experientiality and social responsibility.

From mobile customer experience, frictionless payment to customer retention and sustainability, join us for the present-day strategies in retail!

Future Retail Summit Time Schedule

Then vs Now in HR is the most relatable topic this year. How did technology digitize the HR processes so fast?
What should we expect from the skills of the employees in the new post-pandemic era?

It is all about mixing talent acquisition and company culture, based on clear & significant employer branding strategies, as well as naturally integrating hybrid workplace tech. Dive deep into the HR trends in the framework of employee experience and learn how you can optimize your workforce, how to attract & retain talents, and, most importantly, how to take care of your employees’ wellbeing.

HR Masters Summit Time Schedule

JAVA Summit:
All types of matters linger on our minds:
How intense is the debate on Micronaut and Quarkus versus Spring Boot? Is Java 17 here and set for mass adoption? Which are the new tools for Unit testing? These and a lot more on Java Summit. Expect to see some of the most talented in their field at the summit and get answers to your questions.

Join us, upgrade your know-how and boost your career at Bucharest Tech Week 2022!

JAVA Summit
Java Summit Time Schedule

Beyond good architecture…lies a talented mind. The language of the future holds a capital paradigm: program or be programmed. There is a continuous race between programming languages, solutions, and tools to make Software Engineers' lives better.  

Dive deep into the battle between Tensor Flow and PyTorch, learn about the importance of public Cloud service and become accustomed to the latest Cybersecurity tech trends.

Software Architecture Summit Time Schedule

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